What is Theocentric Psychology?

Theocentric Psychology was founded by Dr. Paul Leon Masters.

Another name for Theocentric Psychology (or God-Centered Psychology) is Spiritual Mind-Science, and can best be defined through the differences between Eastern Psychology and Western Psychology!

   With Western (or conventional) Psychology, reconnecting the patient with their environment is the goal, (so that they no longer seek solace in an inner or fantasy-world) and acknowledges only the Subconscious level of the mind, with the Libido (or sex-drive/survival-instinct) theoretically being at the center of the mind.

   Eastern or Theocentric Psychology/ Spiritual Mind-Science acknowledges and treats many more unconscious levels of the mind using Mystical Meditation, Scientific-Prayer, and In-Visioning

   Essentially, the Perfect Mind/Universal Mind/Perfect Mind/Higher Consciousness/God is at the center (rather than the Libido) and contact/oneness with that through Mystical Meditation results in the eventual (and permanent) healing of all levels of the mind; since the mind is the key to health on all levels, the patient also heals on a physical, mental/emotional level as well, since we are all Psycho-Physical Units, or Holistically-Connected. Thus "Theocentric" (or God-Centered) Psychology.

Dr. Likey and Theocentric Psychology

Dr. Likey has earned his PsyTh.D. (Doctor of Theocentric Psychology) through the University of Sedona and is qualified to teach it and practice it. Here are some examples of the curriculum of the Theocentric Psychology Doctorate program.

What Now?

If you feel that your issues are severe enough that they may require long-term treatments, (such as Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Scientific-Prayer) then Dr. Likey (who practices Theocentric Psychology, treating the mind in these ways) is for you. In your introductory/initial meeting, the two of you will determine what is in your best interest. In some cases, Dr. Likey may refer you to someone else who is more qualified to deal with your particular issues.

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