Fear Elimination Therapy (F.E.T.)

This is the creation of Robert Shields, Principal of the Robert Shields College of Hypnotherapy, (England) where Dr. Likey earned his Clinical Hypnotherapy diploma. Effective in eliminating fears and phobias, the client must be able to recall the specific incident which caused the fear/phobia, otherwise ongoing hypnotherapy sessions are required to uncover the specific incident. Assuming the patient remembers the incident, he/she then sits face-to-face with Dr. Likey, retelling the event in detail to him. Dr. Likey then retrains and shifts in minutes how the patient is recalling the memory, for example, shifting it from an emotional situation to purely logical/intellectual/matter-of-fact,  and non-emotionalThis is accomplished by using Robert Shields' simple, effective, and original method known as F.E.T., or Fear Elimination Therapy. 

Often times the patient is so relieved at seeing and experiencing the trauma in a completely different way, that they can once again laugh and smile.

Dr. Likey is the only one in B.C., Canada qualified and certified through the Robert Shields College in England (May 2004) to do this therapy.

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DISCLAIMERDr. Likey's information, books, lectures, and workshops are not substitutes for, nor should they be taken as conventional medicine. Always seek first the guidance of your health care professional before endeavoring to add complimentary medicine/alternative-wellness to your conventional health care regiment.