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Dr. Michael H. Likey Ph.D., D.D., PsyTh.D., H.Dip.

Sharing information from his ever-growing  stable of self-help experts and coaches, Dr. Michael Likey at the same time shares more than 25 years of experience as a Mystic, Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Broadcaster, and Theocentric Psychologist.
   Combining information gleaned from his case-histories, research, experience, and education through the medium of his podcasts, webcasts, special live and pre-recorded lectures, presentations, and dialogues,  Dr. Likey also provides insights into working through traumas, eastern and western self-hypnosis and psychology, Mystical/Higher Consciousness Meditation, Scientific/Affirmative Prayer, In-Visioning, Spiritual Psychosomatics, and Soul Unfoldment, through his more than forty paperback books and Kindle products, all of which may improve the quality of your life.

*Author of more than 40 paperback books plus e-books on mysticism, New Thought/metaphysics, and self-help on Amazon.

*Broadcaster, now in the tenth season of his podcast and webcast on BlogTalk Radio, ITunes, Spreaker Radio, Mixcloud, Anchor FM, Soundcloud, Facebook, and YouTube.

*Clinical Hypnotherapist

*Doctor of Theocentric Psychology


*Prana Healer/Practitioner

*New Thought/Metaphysical Minister (I.M.M.)

*On-Air Personality

Just Released On Amazon. Written by Dr. Likey...

In this, Dr. Michael Likey's forty-third publication, he discusses the Four Fold Path to Oneness and Enlightenment, necessary for discovering one's Soul Purpose.Releasing one's personal ego-will, eliminating karma, identification with Source, and allowing thoughts to emanate forth from one's Higher Mind are the four jumping-off points for beginning to achieve Oneness with one's Higher Self. Techniques and technologies such as Mystical Meditation, Scientific-Prayer, and In-Visioning are thoroughly discussed as the main means for following, activating, and allowing one down the Fourfold Path towards self-actualization, and potential contentment with one's illusionary physical life, while being aware of one's Soul's Purpose. 168 pages. Paperback $10.99 (U.S.) from Amazon.


DISCLAIMERDr. Likey's information, books, lectures, and workshops are not substitutes for, nor should they be taken as conventional medicine. Always seek first the guidance of your health care professional before endeavoring to add complimentary medicine/alternative-wellness to your conventional health care regiment.